Precautionary Tips

It’s cold and chilly, but you want to be warm and toasty. Before you crank up the heat from your heaters, you’ve got to be careful seeing as the leading causes of fires during the winter season are heaters. Here are some precautionary measures you should never forget, so you’d be safe and enjoy the winter season.

precautionary tips

Precautionary tips: Stay Safe

1. Distance

  • Anything that could burn must be placed at least 3 feet away from any heating systems or equipment.
  • Your heaters must not be placed under enclosed areas such as tables.
  • Keep them away from exit ways, walkways and other paths

2. The right one

  • Only use the fuels specified by the manufacturers for your fuel burning heaters.

3. Don’t be forgetful!

-Remember to monitor your heaters when it is operating

– They should be monitored daily. If you notice they lack feet, control knobs or any part for that matter don’t be afraid to call for professional help.

– Heaters must be plugged into a wall receptacle and never into an extension cord.

-Have your smoke alarms tested at least once a month

4. Heating an empty space?

  • Using your heater when the room is not occupied is a bad idea. It could over heat or the sparks could go flying.

Prevent freeze-up!

  • Doors, windows and even storm windows must be kept close.

5. Nope, don’t use:

-In wet spaces like the kitchen and bathroom

– If children are expected to be in the room or area

Use your room heaters for its designed purpose, to keep you warm and not to dry your clothes or even cook food.

To avoid accidental contact, shocks and burns keep your pets and children at least 3 feet away from the heater.

6. No overloading, make sure that the heater is not sharing the same power socket as with other electrical appliances

7. Never leave the system unattended, especially when going to bed to avoid carbon mono-oxide poisoning

8. No frayed cords. Frayed cords will only result to creating excess heat which could then potentially lead to fires

9. They need space. Clean you heater’s surrounding, it needs room for air flow so it can properly operate.