Replace or Repair?

Heating systems are always a necessity right? Of course they are because who would want to be a human popsicle? Now, a danger that heaters bring with them is fire, and if you want to indulge or splurge on something that will be beneficial during the winter time, then it would probably have to be a new heating system. Replace or repair; that is the question. Here are tips to help you decide whether you should repair or replace your heating systems.

replace or repair

Replace or Repair? Tips on deciding you system’s fate!

1. Safety First

-Well, if your current heating system is broken and you’ve gotten it fixed constantly then this is a no-brainer. Health hazards could arise such as carbon mono-oxide poisoning.

2. Consider the lifespan

-Studies show that most heating systems such as furnaces lasts for about 15-20 years; and boilers last for 13 to 21 years. So based on this fact start dating your system.  But if they become faulty even before the 15 year mark and you’ve spent a lot of money on repairs, replacing it would be a better option.


However, if you decide to have it repaired visit Cherry Hill Heating Repairs. They offer services such as inspection and repair.


3. Check the cost and compare

-To help you decide your system’s fate, gather data. Check the cost for both the repairing and replacing systems.

Pro tip: Consider replacing your heating system when the new system is beyond three- quarters of the life span and if repairs will cost more than a third of the replacement.

4. Heat system’s efficiency

High fuel costs are associated with carbon footprints and that should also be something we are concerned for.


Other Tips:

1. Search about replacement systems before your current system gives up on you and dies

2. Frequents repairs and your bills take an unexpected hike

-This is a sign your system is becoming inefficient and if you won’t replace it then your wallet will just have to continually groan and you’d also continuously complain!

3. You’ve been calling a professional frequently

-This is a sign that your heating system wants to give up on you! The system may be failing frequently and more damage could be made such as starting a fire if you neglect this sign.

4. Too hot or too cold

-Your system could have duct problems, improper equipment operation and inadequate insulation to make some rooms too hot or too cold.

5. Humidity problems

6. Excessive dust

7. Your system is noisy

-Noise is usually associated with a broken heating system. Therefore if you can no longer live comfortably due to the noise, decide whether you want to replace or repair

8. Think “long term”

-This isn’t something you can just play around with. You’re talking about your home, this heating system should be treated as an investment. There’s a lot to consider such as maintenance costs, operational costs and the type of system you’ll replace your current system with.


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